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17 November 2009 @ 02:27 pm
Applications Thread v3  

✭A P P L I C A T I O N S✭

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    Why yes, every opinion on a given app helps.
    jesusing_clown on December 5th, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
    Allen Walker 1/???
    [nick / name]: Witty
    [personal LJ name]: narming 
    [other characters currently played]: N/A
    [e-mail]: singular_bond@hotmail.com
    [AIM / messenger]: wittyandgay

    [series]: D.Gray-Man
    [character]: wittyandgay
    [character history / background]: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Allen_Walker
    [character abilities]: The weapon the heroes use in D.Gray-Man is a special holy substance called ‘Innocence’, which only the conformer can use correctly. Allen’s weapon is called Crown Clown and takes the form of his left arm. When invoked it becomes a claw with sharp talons capable of several incredibly explosive attacks. ‘Claw of Destruction’ is one of these explosive attacks; another is ‘Cross Grave’, which crucifies its enemies and is also capable of being used as a shield. ‘Crown Edge; Crown of Claw’ is an attack which sends sharp crown shaped projectiles at enemies. In addition Crown Clown comes with a cape and cowl that is capable of controlled and independent movement, and will puppet Allen around and attack enemies even if he is unconscious. The cloak can extend to great heights and its ‘Crown Belt’ is capable of latching onto objects or people to hold or immobilise them, and if he so wishes can impale enemies. Allen can detach his arm and turn it into a sword capable of purging evil from a person. Unfortunately this attempted Exorcism is not always successful and can in fact end up awakening the evil forces completely. He can shoot blasts of Innocence energy at people with the sword, or use his ‘Death Ball’ technique to generate yet more massive explosions. The sword is telepathically linked with Allen, should he drop it or lose it in a fight he can call it back to him.

    Additionally, Allen’s left eye is cursed. It allows him to see the souls of akuma and people who are tainted with darkness or dark matter. This means he can tell if people are inhuman or possessed by something evil, however there are some things it won’t work in (e.g. in canon, his eye cannot tell the difference between a Noah or normal human). His eye is effective up to 300 feet and can regenerate if damaged.

    As the vessel of the 14th Noah, Allen has the ability to control Noah’s ark. He can access it and open pathways to anywhere he has been before, enabling him to travel halfway across the world just by stepping through a door.
    jesusing_clown on December 5th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)
    Allen Walker 2/???
    [character personality]: Allen is a very guarded person. He puts up walls and masks, leading to at times a very contradictory personality. It’s not easy for him to open up; he will always avoid talking about his troubles and deflect prying questions. He’ll listen to anyone’s problems and help any way he can, but when it comes to himself the boy is a closed book. Allen is a cheerful and optimistic young man; he’s kind to everyone and loves people. Allen likes to see the best in humanity; he looks for the good in people but isn’t surprised when they don’t live up to his optimistic views. Allen knows how depraved and cruel humankind can be; though it saddens him it’s not a shock. He wants to save everyone, even those that seem beyond redemption; he will do all he can to help them whilst still trying to stop them and protect everyone else. Loving and self-sacrificing to the point of stupidity, Allen never gives up on people and point blank refuses to kill. To him, nobody is beyond hope, and though he has threatened to kill people who have seriously angered him he has never and likely will never follow through. This compassion for his enemies has earned him the ire of his comrades and has even placed him under suspicion of heresy, but still Allen marches on, maintaining his ideals and good cheer. He is definitely not a person who lets anything keep him down for long, and is far more likely to get angry than angsty.

    Polite and well mannered, Allen always tries to act the gentleman. This is an act that he unknowingly drops when he grows close to someone, acting more relaxed and speaking casually as he becomes more comfortable with them. Allen does his best to be courteous and chivalrous, but he’s not afraid to be a complete brat to rude people who insult him or others. Allen is no pushover; he is perfectly capable of standing up for himself. He will fight back if cornered, and Allen does not play fair. He’s a liar and a cheat, if there’s an opportunity he’ll take it and if he needs to fight dirty then he definitely will. Allen is incredibly strong willed; he’s got determination like no other and the strength to back himself up. For all his strength and love, however, he is still just a kid. He loses his temper, he gets scared, he doesn’t always do the smartest thing and he doesn’t always understand. He gets confused and lost, but he strives through anyway. He’s reckless, but he tries to think things through and always do what’s right. Allen is tough and never dwells on his troubles, he faces them with a smile, following his motto to ‘keep walking forwards’ to the letter. He’s not always very serious about it either. A former clown, Allen can be very silly when he wants to be and sometimes teases his friends when the mood calls for it. Allen isn’t perfect, but he’s a fun person to be around. One who is warm and loving and makes you feel good about yourself.

    [point in timeline you're picking your character from]: End of chapter 189, as Wisely attacks him and Kanda

    [journal post]: [Imagine it, you’ve just been attacked by your enemies and sent into a trance by some crazy eye thing, next thing you know you’re waking up on the ground in a strange new world. Allen sits up, looking around for some clue of where he is or someone that could help him.] What on earth- Hello? Is anyone there?

    [Oh look, a strange contraption next to him, how did that get here? Yet more questions! Allen picks it up and stares curiously; clearly the next thing to do is to start pushing aaaaall the buttons on it, accidentally triggering the voice feed.] What is this thing? It doesn’t seem to do much.

    [After a moment or two of tinkering the video feed clicks on, showing Allen’s face. Upside down. Give him a minute, he’s new at this.] Eh? It beeped, what’s it doing now?
    jesusing_clown on December 5th, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
    Allen Walker 3/???
    [third person / log sample]: It had been a successful mission, all things considered. They’d defeated the akuma, recovered the Innocence, gained a new comrade, saved the orphanage, and Link had made pie afterwards! Anything that ended with pie was automatically a good end. “This is delicious, Link. You should make cherry next.” Allen said to the inspector, grinning at him. Link gave a ‘hmph’ and started on a lecture on how he wouldn’t be making pie for Allen again for a long time, and he wasn’t just a pie making machine there to satisfy his cravings, but Allen tuned him out. The Exorcist laughed, it was an odd rapport the two had developed. Central had assigned him as a watchdog, someone to keep an eye on Allen and make sure he stayed in line, to kill him if he ever went too far. And Allen had welcomed him; talked to him about things he’d never mentioned to others and then teased him about how Link didn’t count because it was like he was a part of the furniture. They were friendly, but Allen was sure if he said he considered Link a friend he’d look crazy. ‘It would make Link uncomfortable too, this is meant to be a job for him. It’d be harder for him to carry it out if we were friends.’ He’d tried to make things as easy on the Inspector as he could, but it didn’t always turn out like that. Life at the Order was hectic, when you weren’t fighting akuma you were sparring with other members (which usually ended up as brawls when Allen sparred against Kanda), or defending yourself against whatever disaster the science department had unleashed (from killer robots to bad hair days to zombies, the list went on). Allen didn’t always listen to Link’s orders and disobeyed him when he thought it necessary, but it always worked out in the end. Usually. Allen’s scars started aching again. Alright, perhaps the mission hadn’t been the BIGGEST success. People had gotten hurt, but at least they were recovering now. The children had been turned into dolls by the akuma and gotten sick; that woman, Emilia, who had tried to protect Timothy had been shot; Marie had to cut off two of his fingers! And Allen himself had been stabbed through with his own sword, and awoken the 14th. He almost frowned at the pain, trying his best to ignore it and focus on pie. Pie was good. Pie was an excellent distraction! But those unpleasant thoughts lingered on.

    The 14th had taken control of him, if only for a short while. He was in his body and using his voice to speak, and move, and touch others. Allen felt a little violated when he lingered on that too long. And now he had these painful scars literally ripping him in half, stabbing himself really didn’t seem like the smartest plan now. ‘But, at the time there was no other choice, was there? I needed to protect those people. And I didn’t expect…’ his thoughts tailed off, and he took another bite of the dessert. His Master had told him about the Noah inside of him. The figure hovering over him in his reflection was a constant reminder of it. He knew that his Innocence was specially designed to be a Noah-killing sword, yet he’d still been surprised it happened the way it did. He hadn’t expected such a violent outcome, he hadn’t really thought much at all about it. Allen didn’t like to dwell on thoughts of the 14th; there was nothing he could do about him being there, and he’d already gotten used to him haunting his reflection. His commitment to keep calm and carry on, ignoring the monster trying to take over his mind, had backfired on him. Even now, Allen was trying not to think too much about it. ‘If it causes problems, I’ll face them when they come.’ He resolved, placating himself with that thought for now. Allen and Link walked back to their room, he needed to write up their mission report. The Exorcist sighed, digging out a pen and some paper. This was his least favourite part of the missions, paperwork. It was tedious and long and Allen was not great at writing. But it was an important part of their job as Exorcists, but he’d prevaricated long enough. It was time to get started.
    jesusing_clown on December 5th, 2010 01:24 pm (UTC)
    Allen Walker 4/4

    He couldn’t help but wonder about that strange guy in red that had appeared, he’d saved them and destroyed that akuma; what kind of Exorcist was he? It was an odd power he’d used, and Allen was sure he’d never seen that guy around before. ‘I wonder if the akuma’s soul was saved, with that kind of weapon… I hope it’s okay’. If the man in red hadn’t been using Innocence, then who knows what would have happened to the poor soul. First they had died and been trapped inside a painful skeleton and forced to kill, used like a cheap fuel source, and now this. Destroying akuma was meant to be a release, salvation for the akuma. Allen truly hoped the man in red had been using some kind of Innocence, it made his stomach knot to think what would happen to the soul if he wasn’t. ‘Maybe Kanda knows something about him; he’s been at the Order a lot longer than me’. Allen needed to talk to him to finish the paperwork anyway. He stood, supplies in hand, and walked back out the door with Link following swiftly after him in silence.
    appfloss on December 8th, 2010 10:00 am (UTC)
    Hey there! While we appreciate your application here at POLYchromatic, we're going to have to ask for log sample that better reflects the timeline you've chosen to take him from. Because so much is revealed between the point in canon you've written about and the point you'd like to bring him in to the City, we'd like to see Allen's thoughts on those issues, his rising motivations, feelings, etcetera.

    Feel free to reply here or redo the application within seventy-two hours of this supplemental request. If the former, kindly also reply to the main entry with a link to your addendum, so we don't somehow miss it. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from complying with this time limit, please feel free to contact us and we will take it into consideration.
    jesusing_clown on December 9th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
    Unfortunately my hours at work have been very awkwardly rearranged and it's likely I won't get a good chance to work on the sample until Sunday. Would it be possible to get an extension, please?
    appfloss on December 10th, 2010 01:33 am (UTC)

    That's perfectly all right, good luck with work!
    jesusing_clown on December 13th, 2010 07:22 pm (UTC)
    Everything hurt. Allen’s body felt like lead; his pulse rushed, his vision blurred and his head was really killing him. ‘Where… What was I…?’ It was a struggle remembering anything that had happened. As hard as he tried to gather his thoughts, all Allen could hear was an odd kind of static. It felt strangely familiar; he knew he’d felt this crushing, oppressive force bearing down on him before, but hard as he tried Allen couldn’t clear the fog in his mind. ’I want to wake up.’ Something seemed to be whispering to him, hushing the boy as he struggled. Fighting against this was getting harder and harder, his thoughts were slipping away. It was like trying to hold onto sand as it sifted through your fingers, Allen couldn‘t hold onto anything. At this point he was struggling to remember his own name.


    So hard; it would be so much easier to lie down, to let himself rest.


    Wasn’t he so tired?

    ‘I… I’m Allen Walker!’ he screamed inside his head, drowning out the whispers that tried to drag his mind down. Allen fought against them that much harder, fought to get control of his head, of his own body. He wouldn’t be defeated this easily! Just by something telling him to lie down, as if. Allen had far too much to do, and now was certainly not the time to be taking a nap. He’d been doing something important, he knew that much. Something that couldn’t wait- ‘The mission in Jordan! The Noah showed up, I was fighting… Then what?’ Allen thought hard, they’d been fighting the akuma, he remembered. The Third Exorcists had destroyed them all. It still turned Allen’s stomach to think of it, all those souls screaming and begging him to save them before being plunged into the darkness. He couldn’t do anything. He’d failed them. Allen had promised to save those souls, and he had failed so many of them at once. Thinking about it hurt, and he forced himself to move his musings on. It wouldn’t help anyone to get depressed over that right now, he’d have time to reflect on what went wrong (and how better to resolve it next time) later. For now Allen focused on his memories, the harder he pushed against the fog in his mind the more of himself he recovered. He wanted his own mind back, and now! ‘The Noah showed up, then to Tokusa-’ Allen hadn’t gotten along with Tokusa at all. Their personalities clashed, and the Third exorcist seemed to take far too much pleasure in provoking Allen. Still, he hadn’t deserved what had happened to him. To have his arms severed like that, and then expecting to be ‘absorbed’, it was a fate Allen wouldn’t wish on anyone. The Third Exorcist project enraged him; the whole callous view of life it seemed to show made his blood boil. Tokusa seemed so earnest in wanting to be absorbed, he’d wanted to help God and fight in this war… But this couldn’t possibly be the way to go. Allen wouldn’t accept it.

    What had happened after that? It hurt trying to recall the events, but still Allen persisted. He had to remember, to wake up. ‘I came through the Ark, to… It was the Order, wasn’t it?’ He could remember falling through, the Noah were there when he came out. Who else, Allen knew they were important, who was there with them? ‘The… The science team! They had everyone held hostage-’ Conscious thought was blindingly painful at this point. Allen was regaining feeling in his body, it felt like he was on fire. He was talking, he realised, to the Earl. Not just talking; touching him, saying something about becoming the new Earl- Those weren’t his words! Allen was definitely not putting up with this, he mustered all his strength together and pushed as hard as he could against the force he had finally identified as the 14th. He wouldn’t let him take control like this. It would be a cold day in hell before the 14th used his body to become the Earl.
    jesusing_clown on December 13th, 2010 07:22 pm (UTC)
    “Is that… Your wish, 14th?” The Earl asked above him.

    NO!‘ Allen screamed in his head, finally giving the boot to the 14ths control. In reality, it came out very feebly. “N… No, no…! It’s not!! I’m not the 14th…!?” The pain was so intense, Allen’s whole body was shaking. He retched and coughed up blood as memories flashed through his head, memories of his Master’s last words to him, the warning of what could happen; he would NOT let it! Pure hot blooded fury coursed through him, Allen cried out. ‘I don’t…’

    “Want that!!!” he shouted, smashing his head against the Earl’s. "Listen up, Earl. And 'the 14th' too…” The Noah inside his head was right, he was so tired of this. Of being used like a tool, treated like a vessel for some unholy horror. But it didn’t make him want to give up, it just pissed him off! He would never stop fighting against the 14th, and the Earl too. He’d never let them destroy the world like they wanted. Allen was himself, and he was going to make it perfectly clear that he would never be obedient to any of them. “I'm Allen, an Exorcist! And I'd die before becoming anything else!!”
    appfloss on December 13th, 2010 10:32 pm (UTC)
    We'll take it this time, but for future reference, please try to let us know if you need more time beyond the extension. Thank you.
    appfloss on December 14th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
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    appfloss on December 5th, 2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
    Thank you for your application!